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DealSociety.com is one of the top and most trusted online retailers for Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Kitchen Essentials, Luggage/Storage, Electronics and much more! With thousands of products and hundreds of the top and most popular brands on the market to choose from, our customer base remains as one of the most loyal and vibrant amongst the industry. With a highly curated and in-house round the clock professional website design team, care is given to every product we carry. We offer robust affiliate programs with dedicated affiliate account management alongside support and assistance to ensure the greatest level of success for all affiliates and partners within our programs.


Highlights of our Programs: 

  1. Flexible and varied selection of two different Affiliate Programs depending on need and preference 
  2. Average Order Price of $45 to $85 USD depending on our weekly deals 
  3. Strong Conversion Rate
  4. Prestigious and highly popular national brands and products 
  5. Free 2-Day Shipping over on any order within United States
  6. High Frequency Newsletters 
  7. No Hassle Returns 
  8. Highly Trained and Professional Dedicated Affiliate Account Management 
  9. Automatically pay-out every month through Share-a-sale  
  10. Best of all, we offer 10% - 15% commission on every order depends on your performance! 

Any Questions? 

If you have any questions about our programs, please feel free to send us a note at info@dealsociety.com

Deal Society Affiliate Program